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   The house is designed as a contemporary city residence on one of inner sites in Remuera completely hidden from street view. 3 concrete blocks of the house occupy the center of the section with green walls of plants creating second perimeter around them. Together with a luxury of natural quite environment the location provides integrity with vibrant urban living for a big active family.

Construction materials:

rib raft foundation slab,

rib-infill suspended concrete floor,

steel frame,

precast Litecrete panels,

standing seam roofing.

    Modern lifestyle with many exciting activities on schedule provoked general concept idea to create a building with long durability span and as low maintenance needs as possible. That approach determined the selection of exposed concrete as the primary material and an absolute minimum of additional finishes applied.


The two storey building has a couple of spacious mezzanines with access from main bedrooms, effectively making three storeys (660 sq.m of total floor area).


Walking through the front door is a surprise in itself when you find yourself in a comprehensive main open living area with 5m high double pitch ceiling. This impressive space is complemented by adjoining outdoor patio containing the private pool, spa and large fire pit.


660 sqm

Project team :


Lena Ochkalova

Vlad Proskurin