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This project is a perfect example of architectural and development opportunities coming out from alterations and extensions to an existing building.

The first creative impact arrived from  plans and 3D images done by client. The client's ambitious expectations, unique character of the existing house and natural complex features of the slope site were merged together, polished by the architects and scrutinized by engineering consultants.


We always try to catch up accurately and accent what was done before us by another architect and by nature. In this particular case the irregular shape and plans of the building, it's rich orange cladding color, unusual for Auckland historical center, and a slight but definite association with a caravel gave the main inspiration. It became a mixture of  the famous NY lofts' style, so chic rebellious at the same time, iron sculptures by Richard Serra and personal bright memories from visiting Porto - an ancient sailors'  haven.


The area of extension at ground level fills the existing "cavity" underneath the cantilevered part of the building and involves two new bedrooms (one with an en-suite), a new bathroom and a new living area with a small kitchenette to provide facilities for the outdoor living. The proposed block is surrounded by new open slatted decks. Northern part of the new deck is designed with a louvered canopy above to continue the line of the proposed extension.


The irregular shape of the existing house is supported by the angle of the new infinity swimming pool.


110 sqm

Project team :


Lena Ochkalova

Vlad Proskurin

Concept design in 3D