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Iceberg House is an initial concept proposal for a residential family dwelling which was later modified to assimilate withing more traditional character of the district. Quieter facade outlines were settled using the same plan.


Fundamental design consideration had emerged from a long land section proportions and orientation with its most important outlook towards Orewa beach far below.


As a result, the building is stretched along the site with two parallel passages penetrating the plan and leading to the view point. There totally glazed elevations with a big sliding section unite interior and exterior living zones. The limpid boundary between inside and outside forces to consider interior elements as an important part of the building facades.


The second architectural idea is to settle the house as two volumes or ‘two brothers’ having similar geometry. The smaller ‘brother’ with entertainment space is adjacent to the big one containing the main functional parts of the dwelling.


200 sqm

Project team :


Lena Ochkalova, Vlad Proskurin

Chris O'Malley (ProductX Architecture)

First concept vision

Proposed elevations